Building a Better Student: Straight B’s

Amber is a high school student with a history of being academically challenged, primarily because of an extremely strong social gene. She’s what we used to call a social butterfly. Now that she’s nearing the end of her secondary school career – and enough people have warned her of impending disaster – she’s trying to […]

In Defense of Pushy Parenting

Yesterday, Kathy’s guest post described the behavior of parents who have ambitions for their children. According to Kathy, “The problem with most parents today is that they tend to force on their children ambitions that were once upon a time theirs, ambitions that went unachieved for lack of support, motivation and/or the lack of opportunity.” […]

Guest Post: Ambition, Your Child, and You

Editor’s note: I’d like you to welcome Kathy Wilson, our latest guest author here at Earnest Parenting. Kathy has quite an essay to share. I’m excited about sharing it in part because I disagree with some of it, and her writing has caused me to think deep thoughts. That’s always fun, especially in August when […]