Serious Fun Network Helps Sick Kids

More than two decades ago, the actor Paul Newman founded a very special camp for kids with serious illnesses. His vision was a place where the joy of playing and laughing had a profound impact allowing children to reach beyond their illnesses and discover strength, hope and resilience. From this one camp, SeriousFun Children’s Network […]

Secrets of Saving on Summer Camp

As a mother of two, Kate Sorenson knows the costs of annual summer camps for kids and this informative piece could help out consumers. It certainly isn’t cheap and Kate is always looking to see where she and others can save her hard earned buck. Summer camp is an annual ritual in some places, and […]

Still Time to be a Host in 2010

Hello friends! Sara from the Fresh Air Fund tells me that there are still opportunities to host children who live in the city this summer. The Fresh Air Fund takes children who might otherwise never leave urban life and sends them to the country to live with host families every summer. They’ve been doing this […]


The boys were gone again last week. The younger kids returned Thursday afternoon, and we picked up the older boys from camp on Friday. Thus began Re-Entry*, a phase in which boys leave the excitement of camp (or Grandma’s house) and adjust back to our family routine. When the older boys were around the age […]

Matching the Fresh Air

I wrote about the Fresh Air Fund a few months ago. This is a really neat ministry in which inner-city kids are matched up with families who live outside the city for a summer vacation. Sara Wilson, the outreach coordinator of Fresh Air, contacted me recently with some really exciting news. A group of individuals […]

Do Your Kids Grow In Spurts?

TechnoBoy and The Mercenary came home from camp yesterday (this is the 3rd year they’ve gone) and I’m convinced they aged a year in the 6 days they were gone. Even though they were incredibly tired after a week of shenanigans at camp, they were very kind when we asked them to keep an eye […]