Building a Better Student: The Invisible Good

The summer break is glorious when you’re a student, and bittersweet once you become a parent. As adults we celebrate the return of long, hot days and the anticipation of a much-needed vacation while we stress out a bit over what to do with the kids for ten or twelve weeks. I cheer the idea […]

Teach Your Kids to be Charitable

It seems that kids today are exposed to far more cultural influences through mass media than ever before. Much of those influences glorify hollow values that few parents would like instilled in their children. One could argue that it is much harder to teach your kids what is truly important in life while they are […]

UCP WORK Needs Your Help to Continue Great Programming

UCP WORK Inc. is a charity that provides unique and important services to more than 600 individuals (from kids to seniors) with varying disabilities. They have several different outreaches. One of them is the Children’s Community Integration Program (CCIP). This program offers fully staffed field trips such as therapeutic horseback riding, whale watching, children’s theatre, […]

Win a Trip of a Lifetime to Peru from Garnet Hill and Heifer International

Heads-up from Heifer International, the charity that helps people by providing them with the means of growing food instead of just handing out food. Trip for Two Includes Visit to Heifer’s Alpaca Projects Near Cuzco Life Changing Chance to Live and Learn for Seven Days in Ancient Peru Garnet Hill and Heifer International are proud […]

Bright Future International Helps Children through Arts and Education

Bright Future International is a charitable organization that helps children develop oral and spiritual values through arts and educational enrichment programs. Just this month, they launched a worldwide initiative to raise funds and awareness of needs in Kenya, Burundi, and Russia. One example is the story of Immaculate, a young woman in Burundi who is […]

You Can Be One of a Million Moms

Last month, the Million Moms Challenge was launched. The challenge is to raise $100,000 to help moms around the world. They share some pretty shocking statistics: Every 90 seconds, a woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth. Most of those deaths are in the developing world. 1 in 5 women in Africa loses a baby in […]