Does Your Child NEED to Graduate From an Expensive College?

Heroes, one of the things we have to consider as the kids age is college costs. Have you looked at what many of them are charging? It’s getting more and more insane every year! Hubby and I earnestly want to get the boys through school without putting them in debt. We have different plans in […]

4 Goals to Set with Your Daughter Before College

Entering college is an exciting and a stressful time for your daughter. She gets to live on her own, make big financial decisions, and start working toward the life she has always dreamed about. You can help put your college-bound daughter on the path to success by sitting down and helping her set goals. Take […]

Six Ways to Invest in Your Child’s Education

Paying for a college education has always been a huge investment for individuals or families. However, with the rising cost of tuition at public and private colleges, many parents are becoming increasingly worried as to whether they can even afford to send their children off to college. Financial advisers are always here to help families […]

Career Considerations: Is Accreditation Necessary for Online Bible Colleges?

Editor’s note: as parents it seems we need to know more and more information, including things like knowing how to choose the best post high school training programs. In this economy especially, being prepared for their career properly is crucially important for young people. The Internet is home to a wealth of human knowledge and […]

Infographic Breaks Down International Business Degree Programs

Source: Earnest Parenting: help for parents wanting to guide their children through college.

Credit Protection Tips for College Graduates

College is a great time of life, but the whole purpose for getting that education is to prepare young people for the rest of their lives. What they do during those last couple of college years and the first years after graduation can dramatically influence the rest of their lives. Money Management Tips By making […]