Scholarships Can Help Cut College Costs

Heroes, I don’t know about you but I do sometimes get a little concerned about the costs that we’re facing when the boys are ready for college. Especially since we’ll be sending ours two at a time. Eek. This infographic shows how much is actually available for scholarships, and the numbers are at least encouraging. […]

Is a Doctorate Degree a Good Goal for Your Kids?

Source: Earnest Parenting: help for parents who take their children’s education seriously.

College Students Need to Choose Majors Wisely

Happy Tuesday, Heroes! I thought you’d enjoy a peek at the infographic below about college majors and what choices can result in good paying careers. I do think that looking at the pay structure of any field is a good idea, but we shouldn’t encourage our young people to make their career choices based solely […]

Building a Better Student: The College Question

A friend of mine has a son who dutifully sent off college applications and was accepted by two of them. He then promptly announced that he really didn’t want to go to college. His father’s response: “You will go, like it or not.” In my opinion, you could easily swap the father’s words to: “I […]

Top 5 Online Colleges that Stay at Home Moms Can Attend

Online colleges have become an efficient, fast and reputable way to get your degree and follow your dreams. Today, many stay-at-home mothers are using what little downtime they have during the day to pursue their degree. This is a wonderful way to get an extra edge for going back into the workforce, or simply feel […]

Counseling Your Children: Online Degrees

(Editor’s note: This is a post written by Maria Rainier, sharing EXCELLENT advice for anyone considering online college degrees. Please read and comment!) Counseling your children on choosing an online degree College can be an exciting time for first-time students and parents alike: The applications, the expectation and thrill of getting news of acceptance, packing […]