Parenting Help: Use Lemon and Sugar to Talk to Kids about Anger

I don’t know if it’s just a boy thing, or if our culture in general has programmed children to be angry. The fact that we teach our kids they’re entitled to everything certainly has to be a part of it. Either way, the anger that I see in the boys is some days just plain […]

Teaching Kids About Hunger

Because Hubby has a good job we’ve always considered ourselves extremely blessed. Our bills are paid, there’s food on the table and we live in a nice house. We have warm clean clothes and we even have a few bucks left over at the end of the day to buy treats. One of the things […]

How Do We Combat Entitlement?

I’ve been thinking a lot about entitlement lately. There are a couple of news items out floating around detailing studies done of young people born between about 1980 and 2000 (give or take). These are the kids who are victims beneficiaries of the self-esteem movement. Speaking only in generic terms, many of them have an […]