Help your Child to Overcome a Fear of Dogs

When your loving family enjoys family time, it can hardly go without your precious dog, can’t it? Still, there is one little, yet no so little a problem – your little one is scared of the family god. As a caring parent, you are somebody that needs to help your child deal with any sort […]

How to Help Your Kids Overcome the Five Most Common Fears Among Young Children

Childhood fears are natural, but can also be frustrating and disheartening for parents. Since young children often have trouble separating fantasy from reality and communicating their feelings, it’s often difficult to know what they’re afraid of or why. Here are five of the most common fears children face today, and how parents can help overcome […]

Dress Up For the First Dental Appointment

There is no doubt that kids love to dress up. There is also no doubt that going to the dentist for the first dentist appointment can be scary. What better way to prepare for the first dentist appointment than to include a favorite style of play! Here are a few different ways to include dress-up […]

5 Steps to Helping Your Child Overcome Their Fear of Spiders

It is heartbreaking for parents when they have to watch their children struggle with fear. One of the most common fears that children suffer from is the fear of spiders. This fear can be overwhelming for some children, making them have nightmares and lose sleep. If a fear of spiders is overwhelming your child, then […]

Optimism Drowns Out Fear Every Time

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Allstate for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. One thing I’ve noticed with the younger boys in particular is how frequently they react to situations with…well, not with optimism.  It’s fair to say they’re reacting in fear a lot of the time.  It’s not […]

Fear of Failure

“One of the reasons people stop learning is that they become less and less willing to risk failure.” – John W. Gardner, former Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare. It’s easy to associate Gardner’s observation with adults. When we see the phrase “stop learning,” we tend to imagine someone who has already graduated and perhaps […]