The Books We Carry

Like most, I vagabonded in my early twenties. Though I did not move from town to town or from exotic country to exotic country as I wished, I frequently swapped apartments. Always hunting down a better space with nicer floor, pet policy, or that coveted dishwasher–I trucked my belongings between buildings myself with the extra […]

What’s Your Literacy Level?

According to this infographic, literacy results were released in 1993 and 2003. Hopefully new results will come out this year and will be more promising. Thanks to the good folks at Online College Coursess for this infographic.

The Pride of Ignorance

He was tall, lanky, in his early 20s, and might’ve had a plug of tobacco behind his lower lip; I couldn’t tell for sure. His wife had come to the book store in order to get one of my books signed, and it was quite clear that he was merely tagging along. While I shook […]

Rotary Promotes Literacy Worldwide

I’ve been learning a little about Rotary International, a group that has a very compelling mission for its members: service above self. With 1.2 million members, this group is a force for good in the world. One big focus of Rotarians is Literacy. In Washington State, for example, the Dictionary Project aims to put a […]

How Reading to Your Child Can Benefit YOU

The research and the experts all agree; reading to your child has many benefits for them. From improved language comprehension, increased vocabulary, heightened creativity, and enhanced memory to a host of other cognitive benefits, reading is crucial to your child’s development. But what about the benefits it provides to you the parent? That is right; […]

6 Tips to Get Your Child Reading

Gillian from put up a great blog post outlining tips to get your child’s nose into a book and I wanted to share the tips with you. And add some insights of my own. 😀 What would life be without my input? (gotta love my modesty today, don’tcha?) 1. Vary for Interest Read different […]