Five Lessons to Teach Your Teenagers Before Sending Them to College

Going away to college is the first time that many teens will be making financial and life decisions for themselves. Some will find the freedoms that they get from being away at college exhilarating. Others might feel a bit overwhelmed. You can help ease the transition from home to school by teaching them these five […]

5 Traits to Develop for Effective Work at Home Parenting

Please welcome Carol with some wisdom for parenting while working from home AND keeping your sanity. Thanks, Carol! When you work and you have kids, what you really have is two full-time jobs. Throw in a daily commute and it’s no wonder you’re lacking sleep and you can’t find a minute to yourself. While having […]

Kumon Helps with Back to School Transitions

(Editor’s note: please welcome Sarah from with some suggestions for easing the transition back to school. Thanks, Sarah!) Smooth Transitions With shorter days approaching and summer vacations ending, it is time to prepare for a new school year! During summer months, children can lose some of the structure and routine that accompanies the school […]

How Do You Tame a Difficult 4 Year Old?

A dad I know wrote on his blog last week about the difficulties he’s having with his 4 year old son. One example given is treating the family dog Lilly too roughly, and then throwing huge tantrums when put in time out. So, being the Nosy Nellie that only I can be, I’ve written up […]