Getting Your Family On A Budget: 6 Money Saving Tips

No matter how financially-sound a household may be, creating a budget will provide a number of advantages to a family. Whether it is teaching children about responsibility or finding money for a second vacation each year, here are six simple tips for making a budget and sticking to it. 1. Prepaid Charge Cards At some […]

Teaching Your Child How to Manage Money: 5 Tips For Budget Wielding Kids

Learning how to manage money effectively is not an innate skill, but one that takes time to learn at an early age to ensure that healthy financial habits are established. By teaching children how to manage money, it will equip them to have a better chance at success. 1. Show Children How to Save One […]

Keep Your Family Financially Stable: A Trifecta of Tips

Finance is a complex topic that has a unique definition to each family across America. People of all shapes, sizes and ages do anything they can to set themselves and their families up for stability in the bank account. While some have an easier time accomplishing this tall task, single parents are dealt a short […]

Making a Budget: How to Plan One Your Family Can Actually Stick To

Agreeing to make a budget is easy enough, but what about when it comes to sticking to the plan you made? It’s one area where unfortunately many falter, especially if they make the plan as part of their New Year’s resolutions. Excitement sets in, but once the reality of it comes into play, it’s easy […]

How to Easily and Effectively Teach Finance 101 to Your Kids

Time to face the inevitable; your teen is slowly turning into an adult. Well, maybe it doesn’t seem to be ‘slowly’, but the ‘inevitable’ is right at least. And, with this realization comes the adjustments you both will face. Whether they opt to go to college, or dive into the workplace, their life is about […]

Use Gift-Giving to Teach Children Financial Responsibility

(Editor’s note: please enjoy this very wise article on teaching children wisdom and responsibility with finances.) As a society, America is a consumerist culture, and we tend to spend more and save less than any other industrialized country on the planet. Instead of choosing a free option, we pay for a more convenient phone number […]