Searching for a Long-Lost Sibling

Do you have a brother or sister you’ve never met? It’s not all that uncommon. Parents get remarried, biological mothers and fathers drift out of their children’s lives, and adopted children struggle to discover the family trees of their birth family. Psychology Today estimates that nearly 40 percent of all students live in households without […]

We’re Working on that “Getting Along” Thing

Growing up, I didn’t get along well with my brother. Two years younger than me, we were constantly competing for attention and the rivalry was pretty intense. Seriously intense. I hated him with passion, and it wasn’t until we were both out of the house and on our own that we made peace and became […]

Sibling Rivalry: The Age Wars

One of the big things I want as a parent in this house is peace. And harmony. I want that too. Unfortunately, I gave birth to 4 humans who are….human. They don’t always get along. Interestingly, the boys play together much better than I did with my siblings growing up. The younger ones can definitely […]