5 Ways to Put Money Away for Your Child’s Education

If you have children, one of your biggest responsibilities as a parent is to pay for their college education. However, college can be very expensive, even if you are sending your child to a college in the state where you live. Therefore, you need to make a plan to accomplish this goal. Here are some […]

Tuition Infographic Shows Costs, Risks of Student Loans

Okay. So this will offend or at least irritate some people: I am opposed to my boys taking out loans to pay for college. I’m not ruling out the possibility completely, but I certainly intend to do my very best to avoid them going into debt for school. Did you know that student debt has […]

How to Negotiate the Best Deal on a College Education

It’s a topic that will significantly impact both your child and your bank account: how to negotiate the best deal on a college education. Most parents take this subject lightly, and figure whatever the schools end up offering them is the best that they will get. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you […]