Weekend Reading

And now for some sites written by moms.  🙂  (I listed some dad sites recently.)  Little Mummy is written by Erica, and it’s about life as a new parent.  Erica also shares great activity and resource ideas, and her post about making children’s dreams come true is a must read.

GoWorkoutMom is written by Cindy, and she focuses on getting back in shape and living a healthy life after having children.  😀  I should probably take some of her advice.

PandaBeanery is a more personal blog written by a new friend of mine who also has a very young daughter.  She amazes me.  She really has a strong love for God and I look forward to knowing her for a long time.

Midlife Mommy is about coming into motherhood slightly later in life, open adoption, and all that goes with it.  I’ve learned a great deal reading Michelle’s posts.


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3 Responses to “Weekend Reading”

  1. MidLifeMommy says:

    Geez! Thanks for the link Amy….

    (your ‘subscribe to comments text doesn’t show. did you configure it in options? delete this part of comments if you like…).

  2. PandaBean says:

    *sniff* Now I just might cry! 8*) Thank you for such a glowing reveiw. I hope to be able to meet you face-to-face soon; I have tons of homeschooling questions for you! 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    Hmmmm. Thanks for the heads-up on the subscribe thingy, I’ll have to work on that. Some of these plugins mystify me. Lol. Of course, that’s not too hard to do! It took me over a week to figure out that I had the wrong feed address typed in, effectively blocking my own feed when I had that plugin activated.

    And you’re welcome for the link. I enjoy what I’ve read from both of your blogs, ladies. I just wanted to share! 🙂

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