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Humorous parenting helps me keep my sanity.

With the passing of Merv Griffin, I was reminded of a cute story from a few months ago.  The boys were dawdling over every task….schoolwork….meals…..chores, and I was having difficulty maintaining my cool while encouraging them to finish.  As a joke I started singing the Jeopardy Theme song to them when I just couldn’t think of anything else to motivate and inspire.  Plus it made me smile, which was necessary at the time.

After a few days, the Jeopardy fad passed and I forgot about the whole thing. 

Then we were at the table one day at lunch, and The Manager was just taking for-stinkin-ever to finish his sandwich.  I said something or other about him eating so slowly, and he said, “Well Mama, you could sing me that song.” 

Hey, whatever works.  Lol.

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