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I’ve seen some encouraging signs of progress in the older boys lately.

    • they played make-believe games with the little boys last week when I was working at the church office.  Like, actual pretending to run a restaurant and make food with the toy kitchen.  They love to creatively invent things that they could sell and make their millions, but it is rare to see a completely imaginary game just for the joy of the game.
  • they’ve actually been trying to learn the words of a song on a favorite DVD by singing along.  To be fair, I’ve seen TechnoBoy learn songs before but this was the first I’ve seen The Mercenary singing.  He was even singing again today at lunch and didn’t get all shy when I hummed along.  He did tell me that he doesn’t have a nice singing voice (I disagreed) so there’s still progress to be made in this area.
  • today they tagged along to my allergist check-up and they were very very well behaved while I was talking to the nurses.  I did have to signal to stop wrestling in the chair they were sharing near the end, but overall I was tremendously impressed.
  • they also cracked me up when they cheered on my breathing test efforts.  I asked after the nurse left and they said they liked hearing the noise the machine made when I was blowing into it.
  • when we got home at lunchtime and I reminded them that we’d still need to do our lessons, the only answer was a calm, “I know.”  I was so pleased by that that I gave them extra time to play in the leaves.
  • when I did call them in for school they were calm and cooperative.  No complaints.  There was some rushing and whining at the end, but I put myself down for a nap and solved that problem.  😀


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