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Alrighty, everyone’s had some time to ponder the question.  Here’s what my ideal picture looks like:

The boys all enjoy learning and we work together with positive attitudes to complete our lessons each day.  After lunch (since we finished all the work before then) we’re able to pursue group and individual interests.  I have the energy and resources to support each boy in whatever appeals to him with hobbies and sports.  All of the boys are actively involved in Scouts, and Hubby and I are supportive helpful parents in this regard.  Although, I have no intention of going camping in the dead of winter just to earn a bead. 

Discipline is accomplished through the sole use of Love and Logic techniques, combined with the child training and Dog Whisperer principals that I hold dear.   I don’t have to raise my voice, I am very patient and I know just what to do when obstacles arise.  Of course, when the boys have any difficulty in life, they are very comfortable coming to Hubby and I to talk.  We love to spend time together as a family, and traveling is a special treat. 

Now, that picture has changed from earlier in my life and will most likely change again as we get into the teen years.  But that’s my ideal right now.

I  promised you a description of my ideal and a question.  Actually, I have more than one question.  Here’s the first:

How does your ideal parenting picture match up with the reality of your life?

I’ll give everyone time to ponder that one.  Leave a comment if you would, and I’ll answer the question myself along with asking another question in the next installment of the series.

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