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We’re going to have to break some bad news to the boys today.  A family that we’ve been close with for over 6 years is leaving our church; tomorrow is their last day.  We’ll still be friends, and hopefully see each other once or twice a month.  But Sunday mornings are not going to be the same.

Today the boys overheard me saying that the church is hoping to leave the building we’ve been renting and moving to one down the street that we can own.  The Mercenary got pretty upset about the whole thing.  Currently we hold services in the local theater, so he enjoys rolling up and down the aisles on his Heelys, and sitting in the cushy seats.  The new building doesn’t sport those amenities.  Even an hour later, The Mercenary was still really sad.  So I’m more than a little concerned how he his brothers will take the news of the parting ahead.

One of the first questions they asked when our church split last year was “Are we going to lose our friends?”  The answer then was no, and that’s still the case now.   I’m not real sure they’re going to see it that way, especially at first.

Hubby and I are planning to talk with them after we get home tomorrow afternoon.  I don’t know if they’ll be calm and nonchalant, or if we’ll have to hold them and cry together.

I’m not looking forward to this.

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