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**UPDATE: The puppet theaters are no longer available. Thanks!

Shameless commercial plug here: If you’re needing a last minute Christmas gift I may have a solution for you. I am on the board of an addiction recovery ministry and one of the things we did for a fundraiser was make doorway puppet theaters to sell.

These theaters are really great, and have more than one use. Pictured below with all three fabric parts, it sets up in any standard doorway (the rods are adjustable) as a standard puppet theater.

Alternatively, your child can just set up the top curtains and it can function as curtains for them to come through just before they put on a command performance or standup routine.

boys performing routine in front of puppet theater The recovery ministry right now is a safe place for groups to meet as people walk the path of recovery from addictions and strongholds. Very soon, we want to add parenting classes, more support groups, Bible studies, and more. Long term, dreams include ministries like a closet of professional clothing to give to people for interviews and employment, financial counseling, and maybe even employment training. All these ministries require funding, and that’s where the humble little theaters come in.

Theaters are priced at $29.50 plus shipping and include the 3 fabric parts, 2 curtain rods, and 2 puppets. If you’re interested in purchasing one, I’ll pack it right up and haul it off to the post office as fast as I can. There are a lot of color options, and I’ve created a page called Puppet Theaters (note: the puppet theaters enterprise is on hold pending new changes-and more time time to implement them) to show you. You can get a top and bottom the same color, or mix and match. The pictures are as close as I can get to a real life representation. I did blow up the strips and florals quite a bit so you can see the detail.

small boys playing with puppet in front of theater

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