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I’m tripping over books as I walk around the house today, and every time I do I’m just struck by the miracle that is my boys’ reading.  I’ve mentioned in other posts that there’s been a great deal of difficulty associated with home schooling here at Earnest Parenting.  This topic will be coming up again soon, and I’ll go into more detail then.  Suffice to say, I have been waiting a looooooong time to see boys actually choose to open a book and consume the information.  It’s amazing.

There is such a thing as “normal” or at least “age-expected” for children as they develop.   Let’s face it, the Bell Curve is a real phenomenon.  Most children develop in similar ways along similar time frames.

Then there are those who do not.   Some children are developmentally delayed with anywhere from mild to severe impairment, others are simply late bloomers.  I think maybe TechnoBoy and The Mercenary are late bloomers.

Parents who have children in the “normal” developmental scheme often take that pattern for granted and find it very easy to criticize someone who’s having a different experience.  That is a mistake, and very hurtful.  I hope I haven’t done that to anyone else; if I have, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying my boys are abnormal or problems.  On the contrary, they are fantastic human beings who make me laugh and thank God they’ve been given to me.  We have struggled though.

Today, I’m thankful they’re developing a love for books.  And I’m not complaining about the mess.

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