Yeah okay maybe not so much a blizzard. Just thought I’d beat the meteorologists to it, since we haven’t had that particular headline locally yet. But we did get a bit of snow here yesterday.
spruce tree with lots of snow on it after storm
It was deep enough that Hubby had to stay home from work and fire up the snowblower. After we finished lessons for the morning the festivities began. Hubby went out first and got started. I followed, along with Captain Earthquake who helped me clear the front step and sprinkle a little salt.
boy helping dad push snowblower
Next we had a few lessons in operating the blower. Heck, he’s 5. It’s about time he started pulling his own weight around here.
small boy using snowblower
Well, lookee there. He’s pretty good at this job.
boy pulling snowblower
Not to be outdone, TechnoBoy rushed out to have a go. Note to Internets: I tried to talk the boy into snowpants, gloves, and zipping his coat but he would have none of that sissy stuff.
boy blowing snow in driveway
Have I mentioned that competition is king here at Earnest Parenting? As soon as The Mercenary heard that man-stuff was going on outdoors he was right there keeping up with his brothers.
boy squinting with effort in snow
He was putting in a bit of effort here.

I promise, no children were injured in the clearing of the driveway.

I have witnesses.

boy hitting drift with baseball bat
Apparently beating a snowdrift to death with a baseball bat is a great way to clear a path.

The Manager heard a rumor that fun was happening out in the driveway, so he abandoned the computer and joined the fun.

boy smiling while using snowblower
I’m planning to remember that smile for a long time to come.

Earnest Parenting: helping parents celebrate snowstorms with boys.

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8 Responses to “BLIZZARD…2008!!!”

  1. Too cute! It doesn’t snow where I am from, so pics like these always make me envious…

  2. Cindy says:

    What a wonderful family day. We had 60 degree weather, so no snow here which is fine for me.

  3. I like your last photo! You’ve caught a nice expression!

  4. This is so cute. I especially love the picture and comment of your son who didn’t do up his coat or put on snowpants.

    I guess kids are the same everywhere, mine all went through that stage. My son is 17 now and does up his coat, and wears snow pants when snowboarding but went a whole winter refusing to wear a coat, just a heavy sweatshirt – brings back memories (my 10 year old daughter now tries to go to school in her thin running shoes but can be convinced to wear her boots because their pink and kind of funky, thank goodness)

  5. Amy says:

    @PreSchool Mama: It’s 2 below zero out right now and we’re expecting a heat wave-up to 19 degrees tomorrow…I’d gladly trade you the snow for the heat.

    @Cindy: Ooooooh, 60! I would love to see 60 again. 🙂 That would mean I could be out playing in the flowers!

    @Robert: thanks! I was walking backwards snapping away and it was so cool to see I caught that little smile.

    @Jan: I often insist that coats and hats be carried along with us when we’re out and about. I’ve had people ask rather pointed questions about how the boys were dressed for various weather situations. For the most part I let them make their own choices. Today however, they had to bundle up. Did I mention it was cold???!?

  6. Val Garner says:

    Great photos. Your kids are so cute and I love their nicknames.

    We also had record breaking snow recently, in fact I’ve been totally snowed in for 2 weeks. We don’t usually get much snow and this is the worst I’ve seen since living here (West. Wa) for 21 years. Today was my first venture out and the roads were terrible.

    Makes me really appreciate you folks where winters and long and harsh.

  7. Amy says:

    Thanks, Val! I think they’re cute most days. Here in Michigan, the weather is constantly changing. Big snowstorms, then it melts completely away and we get an ice storm. Now we’re hoping the ice melts before the next snowstorm due in tomorrow night. Oh well, at least the sun shines occasionally.

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