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Got my boys back today. They went to visit their grandparents last Wednesday; the annual ice fishing festival was this past weekend. On top of that, the folks report more snow on the ground than they’ve seen in 16 years of living there, so the sledding was fine. Today was the big reunion day. I met the folks at the halfway point between our houses and was greeted with hugs and kisses and shouts of “Mommmmmm!!!!”

Captain Earthquake clung tight with hugs and squeezes while the other boys piled on over him. I had to laugh when my father-in-law waved them off so he could get some hugs and kisses too. The first question I was asked after the greeting was “Is Dad at home already?”

After we got home, we watched a movie together until Hubby arrived to a very warm welcome home. During dinner, The Manager talked our ears off, the Captain nearly sat in my lap, and the older boys presented us with gifts they’d purchased for Valentine’s Day. We got an etched glass block to share, and Hubby received a football shaped coin bank while I received a beautiful mug with candy in it.

It’s been insinuated here and there that a parent should feel guilty for taking a break from the kids occasionally. I think a short time apart every once in a while can do wonders for attitudes. We’re in the depths of winter here at Earnest Parenting; that comes complete with gloomy overcast days, cold blasts of wind and snow, and plenty of cabin fever. We weren’t really getting on each others’ nerves when the boys left last week. Still, the break was nice for everyone.

Hubby and I were able to complete a few tasks (read: shopping for flooring and home improvement products) that would have driven the boys crazy. We had time to go out to eat and catch a movie, and I was able to spend a whole day sewing. The boys had great bonding time with their grandparents, did the fishing and sledding to their hearts’ content, and got to shop at the dollar store-one of their favorite activities.

Yesterday I rattled around alone in a silent house. Today I had four someones chattering and hugging and kissing, performing tricks and telling stories of their adventures away. It was a good day.

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