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This is my weekly post The Travel Bug over at Forever Parenting.

Last year we took two (2!!!) family vacations, and were blessed to dip our toes in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in the same year. It was such a great time. Both Hubby and I agree that traveling with the boys is very pleasant, overall. We definitely had stressful moments, but the most difficult times were more about getting lost or delayed in a blizzard. Or driving down slippery mountains in the middle of the night with limited visibility. Things like that.

The boys did have their moments where we had to correct behavior, and of course everyone had to have one time or another where they were just plain grumpy. But that’s no different than normal life, really. Given the higher stress of travel we found ourselves very pleased at the outcomes.

All that to say that I am just ITCHING to travel again this year. I don’t think the budget will allow for anything like last year’s journeys; we have too many other projects that we really feel compelled to finish this year. That may change if we figure out a way to take a low-budget trip later on in the summer or fall. At this point though, I’m thinking we’ll be staying closer to home in 2008. One option is a hotel/resort that has an indoor water park. We’re also thinking about taking a train ride to a big city and spending a night or two there. I know we’d enjoy a museum or two.

So what about you? Do you have vacation plans this year? Big trip or small?
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