Puddle Jumping

This little episode happened last spring. I ran across the pictures when I was going through my files and thought I’d share it with you, Internets.It was a lovely warm spring day. The rain had ended and there was a perfect puddle waiting at the end of the driveway for Captain Earthquake and The Manager. Being boys who were 4, they were out the door as soon as they spotted the puddle. Hubby was able to snap pictures without their noticing right away. Gotta love that zoom lens.
two boys playing in puddle
It all started out well enough, with plenty of splash room for everyone.
2 boys splashing in water puddle
The Captain got right into the swing of things. The Manager, on the other hand is a more particular fellow. He likes a clean hand.
toddlers splashing in water of mud puddle
Oh look. He’s warming up to the mud.
boy lifting shirt of brother, hand full of mud
toddler shoving mud into brother's pants
Wait a minute. Is he doing what I think he’s doing??
boy patting brother's back after putting mud in his pants
Yep. And he pats it in for good measure.
boys playing outside after rainstorm
Apparently the Captain doesn’t mind.
wet muddy boy
Nope. Doesn’t mind at all. In fact, he had already landed in the water a few minutes earlier. To our knowledge, he never realized that he was a crime victim that day.
wet boys looking at camera after noticing dad
Whoops. Camera spotted.

Earnest Parenting: help for parents who have wet children.

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8 Responses to “Puddle Jumping”

  1. Wendy says:

    Thanks so much for the giggles, Amy!

  2. Amy says:

    šŸ™‚ I’m just the messenger.

  3. Amy, this is really funny and adorable – glad you had your camera out and captured it. Thanks for sharing with us! šŸ™‚

  4. This is so sweet. I just spent an afternoon this week taking pictures of my 17 year old and his 3 friends taking snowboard jumps off an old freezer we have being towed behind our snowmobile. But then they thought they should do dives off the top of a building we have into the snow.

    Who knows what would have been next if I hadn’t caught them. I didn’t get that on film but they did, they were filming with the video camera.

    Somehow I get the feeling that you have a few of those days ahead of you :0)

  5. Awwww… that’s just the cutest! Thanks for the smile!

  6. Cindy says:

    The joys of a puddle. How adorable. What a great action moment and life memory. I love it.

  7. Amy says:

    @JoLynn: Yes, I’m learning the value of taking lots of pictures. The boys are getting used to it as well, lol. They tend to be pretty camera shy.

    @Jan: I know I know, this is only the tiniest beginning of the craziness. Boys!

    PreSchool Mama and Cindy: Thanks for stopping by! I think they’re mighty cute myself.

  8. Raymond Chua says:

    That was very cute of them.

    Thanks for sharing this happy moment with us. šŸ™‚

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