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We were studying Russia in history a few weeks ago, and one of the suggested activities was to decorate eggs along the lines of the Faberge eggs enjoyed by Tsars of long ago. Sounded like fun to me! Here’s what we did.

First, we got some plastic Easter eggs. I used the Krylon Fusion paint that bonds to plastic to make them black. In hindsight, it may have been fun to paint them gold or tan, but the black worked well. Hubby had made a mini-spray booth out of a cardboard box and it was the perfect place to set and paint the eggs. I gathered an assortment of shiny sequins and plastic jewels and glitter, hauled out the glue and turned the boys loose on the project.

faberge egg craftOnce they were finished, I sprayed the eggs with a clear-coat to seal in the glitter. I highly recommend this step, otherwise you’ll have a gigantic mess on your hands every time you touch the eggs.

At one point I considered lining the eggs with fabric and putting a small treasure in, to make them more similar to the original Faberge eggs. The boys and I both were pleased with our efforts and didn’t feel like doing more so we left the interiors alone. We’ll be revisiting this time in history again in a few years. If I can get my hands on some plastic eggs that are larger then we may try doing the interior work at that time. Either way, it was a fun and easy project that everyone enjoyed!

Originally posted at GNMParents, now archived at ForeverParenting.com.

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