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I love The Mercenary with all my heart. I do. And he really is a sweet boy. Honest. Ask his grandparents.

That said, he can be a bull in a china shop some days. Here are a few choice quotes:

“This is a waste of time.”We’d listened to the history lesson and when the boys mentioned there were a lot of names to remember, I dragged out my marker board and colored markers to help by making a mind map before we answered the questions about the lesson.

“You really need to get some fresh air.” Commenting on where I choose to spend my time, ignoring the fact that cold weather really affects me and I’m not just sitting around eating bonbons and watching soap operas all day.

“It’s not my fault!!!!” Blubbering when I suggested that he should pay for a new neckerchief slide to replace the one he’d lost. When I pointed out there’s a difference between fault and responsibility, I was ignored.

“Here (handing me a fistful of coins), this is all the money I have to buy a new slide.” He conveniently neglected to mention the $30 in paper money he has in his bank, even with the 2 times I already told him to put it away and wait. The siren song of the martyr act is very strong.

“Well your room is all cluttered anyway. I had just asked him to pick up the books and papers he’d left all over the floor in my room.

“What is that whole pile for then?” His challenge to my claim that I pick my room up. The pile he was pointing to? His dirty underwear, waiting to be washed; I’d already finished 5 loads of laundry which were folded neatly on the bed.

Internets, he managed to say all these things in one day. Are you surprised he still lives here?

I am.

Here’s hoping he has a more graceful day tomorrow.

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