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Sometimes when I’m kissing the younger boys they like to tease and protest, telling me “I’m wiping your kiss off”. I always tell them, “It’s too late, it already soaked in to your bones.”

Today I had The Manager pinned to the floor and I was kissing him all over his face while he was giggling and trying to wriggle away. He wanted me to go sign him into his game on the computer and I was wasting his time with all that affection. I told him that kissing was required for a boy to grow big and strong, and that I was making his bones stronger and his heart healthier. He laughed even harder when I told him that I was giving him a Force Shield Of Looooove.

It occurs to me though, that what I said is true. Expressions of love and affection given to children do strengthen them physically and spiritually. By taking the time to throw in the extra kiss or hug or wrestling match (I have boys, what can I say??) I’m filling up their love buckets and giving them a reserve power supply as it were.

So have you loved on your kid today? More than once? Here’s a challenge to you, dear readers: tell your kid how much you love him/her 5 times. It could be IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyou all at once or maybe you split it out over different episodes. Go on, be creative! And let us know what you came up with.

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