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If you read my very excited post a couple of weeks ago, you know that I got to go to SOBCon08, a conference for business bloggers. This was my first time going to a blogging conference, let alone a professional business function. I definitely felt like I was waaaay out of my league very quickly.


The people I met were just wonderful, and on top of that the speakers had quite a bit of wisdom to share that I appreciated tremendously. I wanted to share some of my experience with you, and decided to put a parenting spin on things, since this is-after all-a parenting blog. Ready? Here goes.

Anita Bruzzese was the first speaker. She reminded us that we need to be sure of the source and credibility of information, be fair in our dealings, and humble when we make mistakes.

Brian Clark told us that we need to be clear about our business. My children benefit when I’m clear and up front about Hubby’s and my role as the parents and leaders in the home. When we take the responsibility and control, we create a safe place for our children to grow and prosper.

Lorelle VanFossen wanted us to define and clarify our purpose. Have you ever thought about that? What’s your purpose in parenting? If you want bonus points with Lorelle, be able to state that purpose in ten words or less.

Chris Garrett spoke about getting more bang from your blog. Specifically, he asked us to focus on the processes and to consider both what we do and how we do it. Taking some time to consider how I respond to the boys and over what issues is a good thing.

David Bullock taught that we should have an action plan. I can agree with that! As a parent, I need to take my purpose and process and put them together into a plan.

Next up, Chris Brogan. An expert in telecommunications and social media, Chris told us that home is where you should focus on conversations that build trust. Make people feel they are part of a special community. Without trust, community dies. Don’t wreck trust.

Liz Strauss emphasized the importance of being thankful for every individual we meet, regardless of how nice (or not nice) they may be. She told us to always find a way to say Thank You.
Wendy Piersall was the final speaker on Saturday. She shared a quote I hadn’t heard before (attributed to Nelson Mandela or Marianne Williamson).

We ask ourselves, who am I to be talented, gorgeous, and exceptional? Who are you NOT to be that? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.

I have to be honest, this one hit me hard. From both the business blogging and parenting perspectives, why can’t I succeed? I told my friend Naomi that really what it comes down to is this: I have to decide whether I’m going to be beautiful and fabulous or not. And you know what? I’m choosing fabulous. I’m not going to be perfect, and there will be mistakes but that doesn’t have to stop me from being terrific.

I can’t finish writing about the conference without saying just a bit about some of the people I met who touched my heart. Thanks to
Shashi Bellamkonda for his enthusiasm and cheery impromptu video interviews,
Valerie Combs and Sandra Ponce de Leon for letting me listen and soak up information,
Lisa Cree for her welcoming smile,
Mary-Lynn Foster for audio advice and a fun conversation Saturday night,
Jon Gatrell and his wonderful wife Emily for being such great company on the boat ride,
Karen Hanrahan for gentle wisdom and input,
Vicky Hennegan for inspiration in parent-blogging,
Stephen Hopson for making personal friends with every single person attending,
Christine Kane for the wonderful music,
Kristen King for the bathroom humor, Update: explanation given in the comments. 😉
Jen Knoedl for telling me I’m a normal person and for the golden handcuff story,
Dawud Miracle for just being a big sweetie who’s warm and welcoming when a certain individual is scared out of her wits to walk up to total strangers and say hello,
Karen Putz, for an amazing smile and sense of fun
Michelle VandePas for pointing out that we’re called to what we’re called to and don’t sweat it,
Lorelle VanFossen for pushing me to stretch out of that comfort zone,
Joanna Young for encouragement when we chatted Saturday evening,
and finally
Liz Strauss and Terry Starbucker for putting on the event.

I know I’ve probably missed some folks and I’m very sorry. Here’s the list of everyone who attended. I’ve read many of the blogs written by the attendees, and they’re terrific. Please check some of them out if you have the time.

Cliff Atkinson
Shashi Bellamkonda
JJ Betts
Chris Brown
Chris Brogan
Harry Brooks
Anita Bruzzese
Dave Bullock
Mark Carter
Brian Clark
Tom Clifford
Clay Collins
Valerie Combs
Chris Cree
Lisa Cree
Thomas Croghan
Donna Cutting
David Dalka
Kevin Dixie
Tim Draayer
Monica Duncan
Andrew Dubber
Easton Ellsworth
Kevin Ferrasci O’Malley
Jonathan Fields
Mary-Lynn Foster
Annie Galvin Teich
Brian Gardner
Chris Garrett
Jon Gatrell
Phil Gerbyshak
Scot Herrick
John Hong
Stephen Hopson
Robert Hruzek
Timothy Johnson
Pete Jones
Todd Jordan
Bob Kakoliris
Christine Kane
Kristen King
Scott Kolbe
Jen Knoedl
Stephen Koernig
Bryan Kress
George Krueger
Tammy Lenski
James G. Lindberg
Eli Litscher
Rick Mahn
Sim Margolis
Michael Martine
Becky McCray
Maria Meadows
Cory Miller
Ann Michael
Dawud Miracle
Debra Moorhead
Matthew Murphy
Paul O’Flaherty
Tim Padar
Jesse Petersen
Melissa Pierce
Wendy Piersall
Sandra Ponce de Leon
J. Erik Potter
Karen Putz
Susan R Quandt
Levy Rivers
Barbara Rozgonyi
Jeff Sable
Sheila Scarborough
Mary Schmidt
Derek Semmler
Maria Sharon
David Sherbow
Steve Sherlock
Brad Shorr
Louise Silberman
Sonia Simone-Rossney
Julien Smith
Stephen Smith
Michael Snell
Derrick Sorles
Terry Starbucker
Liz Strauss
Jon Swanson
Ruth M Sylte
Windsor Tanner
Michelle Vandepas
Lorelle VanFossen
Colleen Wainwright
Denise Wakeman
James D. Walton
Randy Windsor
Sandy Wrenshaw
Joanna Young

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