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Okay. So. I stated that my purpose here is to help parents solve discipline problems and build loving homes. With that focus in mind, I bring you a new feature here at Earnest Parenting: the Family Builders series. Each post will be something you can do with your child that helps strengthen your relationship and draw you closer together as a family.

Today I played a new card game with Captain Earthquake. I’ll be honest here, playing games is really something I’m not good at. I’d much rather be working on turning my todos into tadas. It’s a flaw, what can I say?

So anyhow, after school the Captain bugged me to play; I set down my work and got down on the floor with him to play the game.

Well, what do you know? I had fun! So did the Captain, and he beat me handily. He later enjoyed bragging rights with all the boys. When the boys played again later we did invent a rule that boys who lose the game can come get kisses and hugs. That smoothed some ruffled feathers so I highly recommend invoking this rule if things get tense.

Here’s your very first family builder assignment.

  • Teach your kids a new card game
  • Play said card game with the children
  • Have fun

Oh, hey. If you’re interested in finding new Card Games, click on the link for some ideas.

Image courtesy of ::nany mata via Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.

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