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TechnoBoy and The Mercenary came home from camp yesterday (this is the 3rd year they’ve gone) and I’m convinced they aged a year in the 6 days they were gone.

Even though they were incredibly tired after a week of shenanigans at camp, they were very kind when we asked them to keep an eye on the young children (ages 2 and 4) of some friends who came for dinner on Friday. They were so sweet about it that partway through I offered to pay them each a dollar for their time. The wonderfulness continued, and we wound up paying them $2 apiece.

This morning we called up to Grandma’s house to check on the younger boys and both of the older ones were anxious to talk. It was so neat listening to them chatter away; I’m looking forward to tomorrow when we pick up Captain Earthquake and The Manager and everyone’s together again.

Oh, and I took the boys to the strawberry patch today and we picked about 6 quarts in less than an hour. As we were leaving TechnoBoy kept stopping to get just one more berry and I laughed because usually that’s me. It’s been a terrific weekend with lots of hugs and pleasantry. I hope it continues.

So, have you had a similar experience? How were your kids after a time away? Is this time away a regular thing? Tell me all about it in the comments. 🙂

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