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One of the benefits of having kids is being able to tease them. Come on…you know you love it too! An old standby for Hubby and I is the “What’s for Dinner” conversation. It goes something like:

child: What’s for dinner?
parent: Food.
child: What kind of food?
parent: The kind you eat.
child: (sighs) I mean, what are we going to eat tonight?
parent: Food.

I’m tellin’ ya, it’s possible to string this one out for a good long time. Heh, heh, heh. As long as the child leaves the question open you can talk in circles. We don’t let it go to the point of frustration or anything, just enough to get a laugh and a hug.

Ooo, and then there was the time that The Mercenary showed up to give me a message from Hubby who was down in the basement. As it happened, I’d heard Hubby give him the message so I had time to think. As soon as my poor unsuspecting son finished passing on the information, I asked him to go back and tell his father, “The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain.”

Honestly, when I came up with the plan I thought he’d figure out that I was teasing and give me a good eye roll on his way out to play. Instead, he had me repeat the line 3 times so he could get it, then headed down and repeated it to his father clearly enough that Hubby understood. He of course started laughing at which point The Mercenary realized he’d been had.

Fun times, Internets. Fun times.

Have you got any funny stories or games you play with your kids? Share with the group, won’t you please?

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