How Well Do Your Kids Get Along?

I’m curious…How well do your children get along? Do they love each other? Would they say that if you asked them? What would you say contributed to the state of their relationship today?

I’ve got more thoughts on this, but I’m interested in your answers first. 🙂 I’ll be watching the comments and follow up on this next week.

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9 Responses to “How Well Do Your Kids Get Along?”

  1. Mary says:

    What a question!!! I’m sure they do love each other but many days they just tolerate each other. The older one at about 13 started not wanting the younger one around….ie locking the bedroom door, leave me alone etc. The younger one is always wanting to do stuff with his brother. I’ve got to admit that at times the way I talk to them they probably wonder if I love them… of those things to work on….how to discipline without blowing up like Mt St. Helens.
    So, as I ponder the question I would answer
    1. Most of the time they get along
    2. Yes they love each other
    3. Yes they would admit to me they love each other…but maybe not to anyone outside the family. LOL
    4. What contributed…..I think in homeschooling they’ve been able to spend more time around each other. However, The older three get along just as well and they were split for much of their Jr. High/High School years. We’ve alway taught them family comes first and spent as much time together as possible.

  2. Mine are still fairly young. 10, 5, & 4. The 10 & 5 year old are boys and I must say they get along most of the time. The 10 year old lets his little brother tag along with him and his friends and the younger one just idolizes him. They do have their moments though. The youngest, a girl, is a tough cookie. She also likes to get into trouble. This can cause problems with the boys…but she still adores her older brothers. So, all in all I believe they truly love each other and would even admit it!

  3. danandmarsh says:

    Oh did you open a can of worms! 🙂 My kids are all grown now. From age 30 to 23(I think)lol! Well they always fought as youngsters. Well Samantha, oh say 13 would alway beat up Nathan 12 all the time and Nathan would do nothing. I tell him, “get here”(shoot their siblings), he wouldn’t. I told Sam when they got bigger that Nathan was going to beat the hell outta her. Surely, she came back from the army and Nathan way laid into her!! LOL, she was yelling for me, I told her, “pay back”……………today, well one always dogs on the other which is better, blah, blah! They don’t physically fight anymore. Still tease each other…….
    This is a neat site, first time here……I’ll be back!

  4. Crissy says:

    My 2 kids who are almost 5 and 6 get along great most of the time. We do get fights over toys and who is boss at times, which we’re trying to teach them to solve small issues on their own by asking them how they feel and what they would do. Yes they do love eachother and say so at least once a month. They would say they love eachother but dislike at times too. We’re trying to teach them not to go to bed anger or mad at eachother because you never know what will happpen the next day, so we have a family tradition of hugs, kisses and saying I love you before bedtime even it is just over the phone.

  5. digital cameras for sale says:

    i don’t have kids but I get along with my siblings just great.

  6. Loseis says:

    I have 4 kids and I don’t think there is one simple answer. I believe the parents set the tone for the household if they treat everybody in the house with respect then I think it sets a good example for the childern.

  7. nkog says:

    i have a 10 year old son and a 9 year old daughter and its the typical boy vs girl relationship. They fight over nothing usually my son being mean. they fight sometimes and like to show out in front of there friends. but all in all if you asked them if they loved each other they would say yea.

  8. I can’t speak from the parent’s perspective but I know as a kid, it always seemed to help when were go interested in things that were similar and had almost infinite development potential. Such as skateboarding and snowboarding.

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