10 Ways to Make School Fun for a 6-Year-Old

  • Sing the Hokey Pokey to learn left and right.
  • >Spin in circles while practicing your counting to 100
  • Offer a choice: “Do you want to read on the red couch or the brown couch today?”
  • Act out stories with Papo figures.
  • Draw a picture of the story you just read.
  • Go on a bike ride in the middle of the day.
  • Get a book of science experiments. Do them. Even if they gross you out.
  • Bake something together.
  • Use a marker board for problem solving. Let the kids do the writing.
  • Put on a puppet show about historical events.
  • Earnest Parenting: tips for creating a successful homeschool.

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12 Responses to “10 Ways to Make School Fun for a 6-Year-Old”

  1. Fun Adult says:

    Good list 🙂

    Also, playing musical instruments, afternoon milk, and nap time.

  2. Amy says:

    Ooooo, naptime! That’s one of MY personal favorites. 😀 Thanks for stopping by, Fun Adult.

  3. Going to the library to pick out books to read aloud. 🙂

    I just tagged you at my blog.

  4. Puppet show is the best ways to Make School fun for kids. This would be an easy way to make them learn history.

  5. franco says:

    having interaction with other kids and animal always has kids learn more and keeps them busy. the kids get distracted very easily so fun interesting ways to get them concentrated is important for teachers of this age level.

  6. Amy says:

    Michelle, sorry I missed the tag! Hope you got lots of books to read.

    Garden wall Fountains, OOOh! Great idea! I’ll have to suggest the boys do a historic puppet show.

    Franco, I didn’t think about animals. Another great point! We don’t currently have any pets unless you count the bazillion caterpillars in my garage, lol. Great addition to the list.

  7. Peter Roth says:

    I totally agree with Franco. I really like the animal idea. Children of this age seem to always do good with animals. Personally the kids my girlfriend babysits really enjoy animals. Thanks for the list..

  8. Amy says:

    Peter my boys are just DYING to have a pet. I think it’s really good for kids to have animals; they learn so much about compassion and responsibility from them.

  9. franco says:

    Amy, i think that we are agreeing on many different points, if its safe to say ive made a new blogging friend! being a teacher youre everything my kid would want in a mother, I wish i could meet someone as nice and smart and gorgeous as you are! If youd like to talk more with me about certain subjects let me know!

  10. heather says:

    well it sounds like franco has a little crush! kids these days need activities and fun things to do in school to help them pay attention, field trips can be a great way to get children into learning with out opening a book!

  11. Amy says:

    Heather, that’s a great point! I’ve not been brilliant with field trips thus far, but have been doing better this year. We’ve planned one local trip a month for the entire year. So far, both the September and October trips were very successful!

  12. Found your blog from hazard and subscribed to your RSS from a long time, I’ve never commented but wanted to say I like the ideas you share in this post (my kid is just 6 now) and I love globally your blog posts !

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