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Hellooooo again, Internets!

Have you missed me? I’ve missed you! We’ve been neck-deep in projects for the past little while here at Earnest Parenting. The good news is that last week carpet was installed in the basement and we declared that no more home improvement projects are to be undertaken around here for a month.

Right after that, we hired someone to install carpet on the main floor, so tonight was spent ripping out old carpet and moving furniture. Because we’re nuts that way. Poor Hubby is suffering a lot of back pain after all the tiling and hauling we’ve been doing. We’re both on an ibuprofin regimen for a while.

I was able to catch up on comments here the other day, and I’ve also been keeping up with my writing over at GNMParents. (Now ForeverParenting) Last week, we talked about that haunting feeling you get that time is flying by too fast while your children grow. Yesterday’s post is about snow days which is slightly funny because it’s currently storming outside and the kids in public school may very well have part or all of tomorrow off in large areas of the state.

I’ve also been hard at work on the puppet theaters. I haven’t gotten the site updates I want yet, but they’re coming. Soon!

On another note, would you like to get regular updates when they come out on this site (and others too! This trick works everywhere.) Then check out the orange button up there on the right. Yes, that one right under the boys. Click there to subscribe to the feed, or on the What’s This? link for more explanation. If you prefer to get emails, there’s a subscription form for that right under the orange button.

Got time to waste surfing around the web? Play with StumbleUpon! Basically you sign up for a free account, tell it your preferences, and download the SU toolbar. Then you just click the Stumble button and are taken to random sites that fit your preferences. If you like the site, you click the thumbs up button, and if you don’t then give it a thumbs down. Anything you mark is kept on your SU homepage. It’s a great way to keep track of interesting things you find online. I’ve already found some treasures that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Anyhow. The point of all that? If you give a thumbs-up to a site, then Stumble Upon is likely to send other visitors to that site, which makes most web owners very happy. Just by clicking the button you help increase traffic to a page. We like visitors. 🙂

The point? Oh yea….the point. There’s a small icon at the bottom of each post that says “Share This”. If you click on it, you get a window that allows you to submit the post to various bookmarking sites (like StumbleUpon) and also to e-mail the post to friends if you want to share it. Get that? Share This…share the post? Hahaha, I’m funny like that. Oh look!!! A butterfly!

What? Oh, sorry. Got off track again. Anyhow. I love to have my posts stumbled and I thought the convenience of e-mailing them would be handy for readers. But I don’t see that anyone uses the Share This and I’m going to put a Stumble This button there instead. Any objections? Anyone? Let me know what you think, would you please? Thank you!!!

We’ll get back to more on-topic posts again soon. Right after I catch that butterfly.

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