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Well, there’s not now. But there was a piano in my kitchen a few days ago. Darn, I should have taken a picture. The only way to get through that part of the house was to squeeze past the piano or climb past the couch that was on the other side of the island blocking the hallway.

Why was there a piano in my kitchen? That’s quite simple. We finished enough of the basement to use it as a school room and family room so naturally Hubby and I agreed that there would be no more home improvement projects for the month of December. It makes total sense then to (3 days later) rip out half the carpet on the main floor and replace it.


Perhaps not. We worked ourselves into a state of near-exhaustion trying to get enough of the project finished. The upstairs carpet work was a last-minute idea. I’m glad it’s done. It gets things off my guilt list and finally keeps a promise or two that we’ve been making to the boys.

There’s lots still to be done downstairs, including tiling and carpeting the office, setting up files and moving the computers, putting in cabinets and a sink, 3 doors, lots of staining wood, trimming out the windows, sewing curtains….

But all that can wait. We’ve been sitting on our new-to-us couch and watching movies as a family, and there’s a great spot for family games just waiting to be broken in. There are hours that need to be spent snuggling and memories to be made.

The work will still be there in January.

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