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I was looking through the blog and reflecting on 2008, and I thought it’d be neat to make a list of everyone who took the time to comment this year. Do you know how many people that is?

Rather than make you just scroll through an admittedly long list of links, I’ve added in a story for your reading pleasure. Ready?? Here goes!
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I decided to take advantage of some of the post-Christmas sales on Friday. The Manager and TechnoBoy have been anxious to do some shopping of their own, so I invited them to join me. Apparently they didn’t listen carefully when I explained that we’d be stopping at church to do some paperwork, then going to 3 or 4 stores.

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If there’s one person in my family who abhors shopping, it’s Captain Earthquake. I invited all the boys (mainly to be polite) and he quite naturally declined. The Manager surprised me by wanting in. He had a good deal of cash that he was very interested in spending. I explained (again) that the trip involved writing checks at the church, then going to 3 or 4 stores.

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So we went to the church first and the boys played while I worked on the books. For part of that time I had to insist that The Mercenary sit at the desk because things got a bit too rowdy. Ahem. We finished up there and headed out.
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Our second stop was the bank. We are there at least weekly; the boys charm the tellers and bank manager while I hand in the deposits or payments. It’s always a fun visit, especially since there are suckers available for boys.
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After the bank, we headed out to the stores. I remembered that Menard’s carries a special rack for storing bikes at a great price, so we drove there first. The boys were not pleased. I forged ahead. They had a large selection of Christmas merchandise at 50% off, and even an aisle of toys on clearance. Can you believe the luck?? Crayola products at 50% off! I was very pleased.

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Our next stop was WalMart. The older boys were thrilled when I gave them permission to look in the toy section on their own. The Manager cried a few crocodile tears because I insisted he stay with me. The tears stopped when I pointed out that we were standing next to the candy aisle, that it was all marked half off, and that he could help pick something out.

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It turns out that The Manager can be quite the power shopper. He had a total ball looking through all the sale items. We tried on antlers and Santa hats, picked out ornaments, and exclaimed over all the cute decorations. My favorite was when he found the dancing figures and turned them all on at once. He liked the Santas who spun around and wiggled their backsides the best.

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Once we finished looking through the Christmas clearance, The Manager and I headed towards the toy section to find the older boys. Turns out they’d been wandering the store looking for me and were GREATLY relieved because they’d been looking ALL OVER the store. I rolled my eyes at the drama and took them back to toys so The Manager could pick something out.

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Toy shopping proved to be interesting. The Manager had already purchased some coloring items at the first store, and he really wanted to buy 43 other toys at WalMart. TechnoBoy got some spy glasses, The Mercenary 3 Hot Wheels cars, and The Manager rounded things out by choosing a combination ball/frisbee thing.

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Finishing up at WalMart, we got in the car to hit the next store. This was when complaining got serious. (For best effect, add a whiny tone) I heard “We don’t wanna shop so muuuuuuch!” “I’m tiiiiiired” and “You didn’t tell us we’d have to go to all these places!!!”

Um. Boys? I told you twice. Each.

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We soldiered on. I did get to glance at the Christmas sales, but this store was already cleaned out, so we walked over to grocery because I needed some things. You know, non-essentials like milk and bananas. The complaining continued. “My feet are burning!” and “We’re going to be here foreeeeeverrrrrr”.

My personal favorite came from The Manager, “Mom!! It feels like we’ve been shopping for TEN MINUTES!!!”

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When we got home I checked the clock. We’d been gone 4 hours for the whole trip.


I count at least 244 people who’ve taken the time to comment this year. How cool is that? I’m sorry if I missed anyone. Thanks so much for being part of the conversation friends! Happy New Year, and we’ll talk more soon!

Earnest Parenting: helping thank commenters everywhere.

**March, 2013: links updated as many sites no longer exist. So sad.