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My weekly post at GNMParents (now ForeverParenting) is about how the boys tend to think alike. And act alike. And do the same things over and over again.

Sometimes it’s funny, other time’s it’s frustrating. There are already some great comments on the post; I’ve been humbled by one and there are two other suggestions that are just outstanding. I plan to implement them tomorrow. If you have additional ideas or observations, feel free to share!

You may have noticed a new feature over in the sidebar. There…to the right. See the ads? Pretty snazzy, eh? I picked them out myself. Really! I did. I am now part of an affiliate program in which I get to choose the advertisers that show up on the site. I thought being able to choose was pretty awesome; there are other ad programs in which the bloggers don’t have any control over the companies. So anyhow, I’m excited about the whole thing.

Imagine Toys (Imagine the Challenge Inspire your child’s imagination!)is all about offering unique toys and accessories that are fresh and different from what you’d find at a mass-market toy store.

Label Daddy makes labels that you can put on clothes and toys that are machine washable and dishwasher safe. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Click here to go to LabelDaddy.com and label the things you love

The Mercenary helped pick out these two companies. No surprise there, he’s a great shopper. Well, actually he wanted to put in about a dozen more, but eventually consented to starting with these two. More companies will be added over time so keep your eye out for new discoveries!

Oh, I have to go. Captain Earthquake just wandered down for a late-night snuggle session. I asked him why he doesn’t get that need met during the day and he informed me that he was too busy.

I guess fitting into his schedule at 2am is better than not fitting at all. 🙂

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