Beat the Winter Blahs: Make Bird Treats

With the weather so cold lately, I’ve been trying to find activities that keep boys busy and not bored while we’re staying inside more.

So! We decided to try and make treats for birds. You can see our first attempt at treats over at GNMParents (now ForeverParenting), in my weekly post. That worked well, but we needed to do more! Keep busy! Very important!!! Do you think I can use exclamation marks again in this paragraph??!!??? Why yes! I can!!!

Okay. I’m done.

The Mercenary toasted some slices of bread, then we spread peanut butter on them and smooshed birdseed on the side. (That’s the technical term: smooshed). We cut each slice in half, added yarn for hanging and set them back into the oven to dry. By the next day, we had nice crisp peanut buttery bird seedy treats to hang in the tree. Go us! Oh whoops. Exclamation point. I’ll quit now.

Here’s how our project came out. What do you think?

Earnest Parenting: help for parents who are bored in winter.

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7 Responses to “Beat the Winter Blahs: Make Bird Treats”

  1. Amy,
    Pretty interesting project and a good looking output too 🙂 Your boys must have had fun…


  2. Judah Hertz says:

    This is a very cool project and I think it came out feel, minus the fact that I can’t taste it.

  3. selena says:

    Its cool ! You can keep really busy your boys with this project.

  4. Your project looks like it turned out really well. And I’ll bet the birds loved it!

  5. Amy says:

    Ajith, thanks. I still have a bag of popcorn…gonna have to get them busy on that tomorrow. We’ve had record cold temps here and I haven’t been able to send them outside. It was up to 24 F yesterday…a heat wave!

    Judah you’re welcome to come nibble on it, lol. I imagine it would be very dry though. We didn’t put any butter on the popcorn, lol.

    Selena, thanks! What do you do to keep your kids busy?

    Wii Games so far the birds haven’t stopped by. Not sure if it’s because of the cold, or if we just need to give them more time to notice the treats. We haven’t seen ANY bird activity since the cold front came through. We’re hoping to take pics when the birds do show up.

  6. That’s great. At least it lessen his boredom and you also have bonding with your son.

  7. Amy says:

    Manila Office Space good point about the bonding! I didn’t think about that before.

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