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Encouraging Heroes. You can be one too.

Tuesday I told you about my idea to celebrate parents who are doing heroic things. What did you think? I’m really excited about it! I think it’ll be fun, especially since we can all participate. (More on that shortly.)

And oooh! Did you notice that Hero In Parenting makes a cool acronym? HIP. So we can say that people highlighted here are on the HIP list. It’ll be the new world-wide sensation. People may even come up to you and ask, “Are you HIP?”


Or not. And that’s okay. This isn’t about worldwide anything, just pulling together some stories for encouragement and the benefit of us all.

How it works: I find stories that touch or inspire or encourage and I list them here on the blog periodically. Weekly maybe? Or (and I really like this option) you find stories that touch or encourage or inspire, and you shoot me an e-mail about them so I can include them here on the blog. That was the group participation I was referring to earlier. I think I’ll add a contact page to the site so that it’s easier to submit ideas.

Do the people have to have blogs to be awarded HIP status? Nope. Anyone who is a parent is eligible. Online or off. I do need to be reporting on true stories, so anything listed here would have to be verifiable.

I told Hubby about the program, and he whipped up some neat badges for me to award. Isn’t he sweet? Here they are:

Blue HIP buttonGreen HIP button
Red HIP buttonBrown HIP button

If someone who has been officially designated as HIP would like to take a badge and put it proudly on their own blog, that’s great! It’s totally optional, though. Oh, and if a recipient doesn’t have a site, I can e-mail them a copy of the badge.

So what else can I do to make this project successful? Thoughts??

Earnest Parenting: helping encourage heroes.