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Welcome to the first ever HIP (Heroes In Parenting) awards! This project is all about finding and recognizing parents who are doing great things-big and small. With so much bad news swirling around us every day, it’s easy to get discouraged and start feeling like the world is a hopeless place. Not so! Read on, Internets, and be encouraged. We are surrounded by greatness.

Tracy at Uncharted Parent is working on homework with her seven year old son:

“At first, I applauded this introduction to the concept; homework skills must be learned, and I figured these early assignments would permit him to begin developing these skills now so that good habits would be in place when the heavier workload begins in a year or two.”

Joe at Fathered Five is facing a difficult situation for his son Boy13 with as much courage as he can muster:

“I’ve had a month to process and can now maybe write with some clarity about the latest drama at Chez Five.”

Lenore at Free Range Kids shares wisdom on building a child’s self esteem naturally:

‘And I have to admit, it’s a fine line figuring out when to say, “What a wonderful letter you wrote for grandma!” and when to go, “Do you think you could possibly put one OUNCE of effort into your thank you note?”’

Kellan from On the Upside took her daughters for a haircut:

“Time slowed a bit in that strange moment. I glanced at the stylist and then my eyes moved down the sofa at my girls. They sat beside me, in a row – the two oldest of my children and beyond their figures, my baby.”

Our new HIP bloggers are invited to take a badge back to their own site if they like. That’s completely optional, of course, as I mentioned in the how it works post yesterday.

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Do you know someone who’s HIP? Are you HIP? Contact me, and let me know all about it!

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