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Welcome to the second edition of the HIP project! In a world full of discouragement and bad news, this is the place to celebrate those everyday parenting heroes all around us. What is a HIP, you may ask? Not to worry, friend! All is explained in the original HIP post.

Without further ado, here are the latest additions to the official Earnest Parenting HIP list:

Gerard from Familytastic remembers what it’s like to be the eldest child and is celebrating that with his daughter. “The whole time, she wittered away, chatting about the show. She loves Dancing On Ice, and she was happy to babble and talk away. Sitting there in her stripy pajamas, Rach was in her element..

Lisa from Jelly Mom has a hilarious new plan to stop children’s bickering. “To encourage them you toss one child a cookie and ignore the other, hoping they will go at one another’s throats and provide you with a great excuse to get off the phone. Amazingly, they..”

Gregg at One Dad’s Life can teach multiplication to first graders. “”Yep”, I said, “multiplication is really just about groups of things. So you asked me how many of something I would have if I had zero groups of eleven.

Don at Danz Family is amazingly patient with a toddler excited about a new car seat. “As soon as Will realized it was a seat that I had pulled out of the box, the following conversation took place:

Our new HIP bloggers are invited to take a badge back to their own site if they like. That’s completely optional, of course, as explained in the how it works post.

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Do you know someone who’s HIP? Are you HIP? Contact me, and tell me all about it!

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