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One of the best parts about having this site is definitely all the fantastic people I’ve “met” and gotten to know online. Do you know how many new blogs are created every day? It’s a big number, let me tell you. There are millions and millions of people online writing about their experiences.

The mind boggles at the thought.

So how do you find new friends online? Well, at a party of course! 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting the annual Ultimate Blog Party, and I’m discovering it’s a great place to find new friends. If you scroll down through the post you’ll see that over 1400 other blogs are listed in the family friendly section. 1400! And there are prizes for participating! Woohoo, I love prizes.

Oh!! Did I mention? I won a prize over at Terry Starbucker’s blog today. (Totally unrelated to the Ultimate Blog Party, but still. A happy occasion.) I’m quite fond of Terry’s blog; he always has interesting things to say and he’s one of the founders of SOBCon09. I’ll be talking about that sometime soon.

Where was I? Oh yes, prizes. If you click on 20 blogs in the party list and comment at those blogs, you’re entered to win prizes, like

  • a $50 gift certificate to Target Stores
  • a $15 Usborne Book gift certificate
  • a Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer

If I were to pick from the list myself, the following items would be grand prizes for me: 67, 68, 88, 95, 101, 127, INTL15, INTL17, INTL19, and INTL57. Which prizes would you like to have? Check out the list of prizes here. And if you win a prize, let me know, okay? I love being part of happy events!

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