Camping Boys Leave Mother at Home

Hubby and the older boys went on their first non-official Scout camping trip this morning. I have to admit, I miss them already. I didn’t expect to feel that way, but here I am with only half the family in the house and I’m wishing we were all together. This is even more surprising considering that I was stomping around the store last night thinking that a break from boys would be a good thing. (I do have the younger boys with me but they’re so busy playing that I haven’t gotten any of their attention yet.)

Getting ready for this trip has been a stretching experience. The guys brought home a list of necessary equipment 3 or 4 weeks ago. Being that lists and planning are an obsession my thing, I immediately went through the list and cross-checked with the official handbook. Then I threw them both across the room because many of the item titles were vague. Dude! I need details!!!

Because we agreed that Boy Scouts is Hubby’s domain (I’m doing Cub Scouts with the younger boys) for now, I had to step back and let them handle preparations. I did help with some of the shopping last night and went over list/packing this morning, but really this was a time for the boys to start handling things themselves while I stopped being bossy let them shine.

I think we did pretty well, overall. We’ll see what they think when they get back tomorrow. They didn’t have every single item on the packing list, but we covered the basics. It’s a start.

The stretching for me was having the boys pack their own things. I could totally have taken over this enterprise and done a great job. But that doesn’t help them, does it? So I stuck my hands in my pockets and tried real hard to shut. up. and let them get ready.

An overnight camping trip is a small event in the overall scheme of things, but it’s a milestone for us. My boys are growing up.

Earnest Parenting: help for parents of boys who are growing up.

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  1. A milestone indeed. Those are the types of memories that young boys will remember even as adults. I hope they have a marvelous time!

  2. Mary says:

    I know what you mean! I never did realize I was a control freak til I had kids! Funny thing….on Easter Sunday I told the boys to dress “nice” for grandma’s church (everyone always seems to wear suits and ties there and we’re a jeans kind of famiy) I made sure the 13 yo had a nice dress shirt on but didn’t go further than that…let him leave it untucked etc. After church I realized that he had it buttoned (obviously) crooked…tried to get him to fix it but when he balked I backed off. Not 2 minutes later one of my friends from high school’s mom pointed out to me my son’s shirt. It was nice to say….”I know, but I don’t dress him anymore!” (therefore it is NOT my fault!) LOL Same goes for packing. You can pack it for them but you can’t make em wear it! (there’s a funny underwear story there!)

  3. Kiana F. says:

    Being the mom of a 6 year old, I also understand how hard it is relinquishing control over the small things. We want our boys to grow up to be self-sufficient men which can only happen when we allow them to do things for themselves (even though it may not be as “perfect” as we would do it ourselves). Great job, mom.

  4. Two sets of twin boys, on top of getting them packed for Boy scout camp? You are truly a superwoman of amazing talents! I have one set of twins, but know 5 women who have at least 2 sets of twins (one of them has 4 sets of twins, true story!).

    hats off to you!

    PS: found you on Blog Top Sites. Glad I did! 😉

  5. This really is a big milestone for all of you. Your boys are getting bigger and more responsible now but that doesn’t mean that they do not need you anymore. They still need your guidance so don’t forget to be at their side always.

  6. amey skin surgery says:

    Some time for children and some time for their pleasure we have to sacrifice our some joy. after all we are good parent.

  7. Hehe cute, its so strange to see a life from outside, which you felt as a kid yourself.

  8. Jeck Facial Brisbane says:

    Don’t worry , i hope u will be together very soon, But u should be happy because it will teach him some thing new experience.

  9. Henny says:

    Good choice to let them do that by themselves. It´s hard I know. Oh man camping, soon my kids will be big enough to leave like that too. Time passes…

  10. Amy says:

    ephemeral mists, they had a great time! The Mercenary scared the heck out of Hubby when he was using the axe to chop wood, but everyone survived and it was all good.

    Mary, lol on the packed underwear! Oooooh that’s a good point about the responsibility being theirs. Unfortunately I don’t know if it’ll work on The Manager. He routinely wears clothes inside out AND backwards and won’t change it if we point that out. It’s his thing. I usually don’t even bother commenting since it doesn’t hurt anything.

    Kiana, thanks. That’s exactly it! I want them to be competent and self-sufficient when they grow up. They’re not going to get that way in a day, so we better start now.

    Teresa, so glad to make a new friend. BlogTopSites is great, isn’t it? 4 sets of twins, eh? That’s a lot. It was actually a ton easier the second time through. How old are your twins? Boys? Girls?

    Employee Leasing I sure hope they still need me! I’m not ready to step aside just yet. 🙂

    amey skin surgery, that’s a lot of wisdom packed into so few words. Thanks!

    Bollywood celebs, I hadn’t thought of it that way before. 🙂

    Jeck Facial Brisbane, it was only the one overnight so yep we’re all back together. They’ll be gone for a full week when they go to the official camp.

    Henny, time does pass. But I’m ignoring it. Do you think that will work?

  11. Melbourne Landscaping says:

    Don’t worry u will be together very soon,my all best wishes are with you.

  12. Rick says:

    You are nice parent who sacrifice with child’s.
    DOn’t get worry, in Scouts they will experince new things and teaches how to face them.


  13. custom web development says:

    It’s sweet that your husband and kids have their own bonding session thru camping. I guess this will be a good time for you to have some rest.

  14. boracay packages says:

    i think it is hard to miss our son’s, even you are so close to them. i know you the feeling of the mother, it is not because i have son or daughter already, it is because i can relate of the feeling of the mother because my mom also miss me for almost 3 years already. But I know it is for my own good. As time goes by we will getting older and in time we have to be responsible for ourselves. That’s the reason why the young people like me need to be responsible. I know our mother would understand that.

  15. Carpet Tampa says:

    IT called Real parents who scarifies for their children ..

  16. That would be a great experience for your kids but I am sure there are some kids would probably get home sick.

  17. Melbourne Landscaping says:

    Really you done a great job,i appreciate your efforts.

  18. social networking philippines says:

    That would be a great experience for your boys probably they will miss you because during that time they need to move on their own.

  19. This bonding experience between your husband and your kids is very important in establishing a very good relationship. I know that they will miss you.

  20. Amy says:

    Melbourne Landscaping, yes they were back the next day. It was a good trip.

    Rick, thanks for the compliment! I’m very impressed with Scouts so far. Have you Scouting experience?

    custom web development, they did have a great time. I still had the younger boys so it was restful but not entirely silent. I like it that way. Restful I mean.

    boracay packages,welcome. I hope you see your mother again soon. You’re absolutely right: young people do need to grow in responsibility.

    Carpet Tampa, very true.

    Virtual Employees I hadn’t thought about that. I think with the one-night campout and the fact that their dads were along it was pretty easy for the boys. The real test will be the week-long camp this summer.

    social networking philippines, I’m not sure they missed me all that much. They were pretty busy having their manly time.

    Glitter art supplies, excellent point. I’m glad that Hubby was able to spend the weekend with them. Memories like that are priceless.

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