A Little Self-Involved

I’ve been thinking. A lot. I don’t know if I mentioned that I was going to SOBCon09 this past weekend. Do you remember that from last year? SOBCon is a blogging conference; it’s the brainchild of Liz Strauss and Terry Starbucker and this was the 3rd year it has been held. The theme this year was the ROI of Relationship. I learned a lot, so yay me!

It may not be true for everyone, but one effect of a conference is some serious self-evaluation. Am I happy with how this blog is going? Am I doing the best I can with it? And so on.

If you spend any time reading the How to be a Good Blogger articles around the ‘Net, you’ll get all manner of conflicting advice. Seriously. It can really drive a person nuts. The key is to choose someone you trust and stick with their advice. I tried to incorporate the wisdom of too many people and as a result I’ve been less than pleased with how things are going for a while now.

No, I don’t think I’m a bad blogger, but a conversation with Lorelle on Saturday really got my attention. The short version: I have been holding back for a while now. I got it into my head that I could only write parenting things here-which does make sense given the blog’s name. But that’s not all of me.

The truth is I’m a parent who home schools. I’m a Christian. I love to organize things. Time spent with my sewing machine is always a good thing. I’m trying to improve my cooking, my housekeeping, and my walk with Christ. It’s silly to feel like I can’t write about all of those things on my own blog.

So! From here on out, more stuff from Amy. It won’t all be focused so tightly on the topic of parenting, but really isn’t all of that tied in together anyhow? Perhaps this makes me a “mommy blogger”. I don’t know. I am somewhat ambivalent about that label. Heck, I’m ambivalent about most labels.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Planning to share more thoughts across a wider spectrum. Have I mentioned that I’m easily distracted? Oh look!! A butterfly!

Hope you don’t get sick of me. πŸ˜‰

Earnest Parenting: help for parents who want to work on their blogging.

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9 Responses to “A Little Self-Involved”

  1. Oh your a great blogger Amy. I learned many things from you and i’m still learning. I am looking forward with your posts.

  2. It really help a lot be self-involve, not only on the things that drives your life but also to what makes yourself happy. If you want to express something and do you think it’s not a perfect time, not a perfect place and people around you is not perfect, you must hold your feelings for a while and wait for the perfect timing.

  3. Michele Hinthorne says:

    Amy, I absolutely LOVE your blog. In the parenting realm, it has been very infomative and helpful. I look forward to every update. I am also very excited about you branching off into other areas of your life, since we share some things in common there……specifically beging a homeschool mom, a Christian, and an organizing addict myself! Keep them coming! πŸ™‚

  4. Liz says:

    It’s sad that “mommy bloggers” tend to be typecast rather than recognized for what so many of us are — talented women who are amazing, creative jugglers. No mom worth her salt is one dimensional. And you are definitely multi-faceted.

    Let your essential “Amyness” shine through!

  5. no way to get sick of you.
    There are lot of informative things in your posts and I always wait eagerly for your new posts

  6. Never hurts to spread the coverage of your blog posts, it could help you bring in a lot of new readers. Talking about things more personal to you should imrove your relationship with your readers.

  7. There are so many useful things in life than the one narrated here. I am for sure.

  8. Parenting blogs is really interesting, parents can have lots of idea how to be a good parents.
    Amy this what your other side is your a cool mom. Doing different kind of things is not that easy time management is needed.

  9. Will support you and your blog πŸ™‚ It’s wonderful that you get to evaluate your work and decide on a better path to take. You can write about things totally unrelated to parenting and I’m sure people will still come to your site and read them. People will love to see another side of you. More power! πŸ™‚

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