Heroes In Parenting, May 2009

Well hello! Did you think I forgot the Heroes In Parenting (HIP) project? Nope! Not me. Uh-uh. We’re going to try doing this monthly, and see how that goes. Oh! And please see the end for a New Development in the HIP project.

Amanda from Tumble Dry writes a beautiful post about her daughter’s transition from preschool to kindergarten.

Chris is walking through the final months of her daughter Sammie’s life. Sammie has Osteosarcoma. Please visit her CaringBridge site and leave a few words of encouragement. Sammie is a beautiful girl and her family could use all the encouragement they can get.

Diana from Of the Princess and the Pea found herself sending her daughter to school angry. Parenting is a difficult task, but Diana is approaching it with wisdom.

Have you heard of Redneck Mommy? She’s something else, let me tell ya. Her post Confessions is raw and real, and well…wow. Her strength is amazing.

Our new HIP bloggers are invited to take a badge back to their own site if they like. That’s completely optional, of course, as explained in the how it works post.

Blue HIP buttonGreen HIP button
Red HIP buttonBrown HIP button

Do you know someone who’s HIP? Are you HIP? Contact me, and tell me all about it!

Here’s the New Development: We now have official HIP postcards for any person on the HIP honor roll who cares to give me their snail mail address. Is that cool or what? If you’re already HIP, e-mail me at amyl @ earnestparenting.com (you’ll have to squush that together to make it work). If you want to nominate someone who doesn’t have an online presence, this is an easier way to acknowledge their HIPness. Online folks may participate as well, of course. I’ll try to put up a pic of a postcard soon so you can see it.

Earnest Parenting: celebrating heroes as much as possible.

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11 Responses to “Heroes In Parenting, May 2009”

  1. very interesting post. Thanks for sharing these nice links here.

  2. What a wonderful project! I’m sure the HIPs will be really proud to be considered in their parenting fields 🙂 They will serve as an inspiration to all the rest out there and motivate everyone to be heroes in their own ways. Thanks!

  3. good article. this blog is very useful for young parent.

  4. Costume Girl says:

    Heroes in Parenting is a great idea. I like the costume badges too!

  5. HIP project really mean a lot for parents loves to write and share ideas. That was a great a project. Keep it up.

  6. Amy you are amazing too .
    Nice idea.I am single still so I can’t participate but I will mail you if I find any HIP.


  7. Diana says:

    I am so honored to have been mentioned! Thanks for including me in such a great round-up!

  8. Amy says:

    Gas Hot Water, thanks! Now that school is about done for the year I’m anxious to make a few changes and take the HIP project to a new level.

    Postcard Mailing, thanks! I hope that the HIP project continues to grow.

    Carles-Home theater, I appreciate you stopping by.

    Costume Girl, I’m glad you like them!

    office space ortigas, encouragement is so wonderful! Thanks!

    Neo, awwww shucks. Thanks. And YES!! Please do nominate people.

    Diana, you’re most welcome! I loved your post. 🙂

  9. dhen says:

    such is a very interesting project. You’ve given me a nice idea. Thankz

  10. amanda says:

    What sweet words, thank you so very much.
    .-= amanda´s last blog ..You’ll Never Know =-.

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