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I learned about a new nonprofit group today called Caring For China (CFC). Luke Gedeon is the executive director of the CFC center and it was his post over at Middlezone Musings that got my attention. Luke has entered CFC in a group writing project; the nonprofit that gets the most blog posts can win several thousand dollars for their charity.

I took a look at CFC’s site and they look like a good group. They’re a Christian interdenominational organization with three main goals: sending teachers to China, running orphanages for abandoned children, and developing health care particularly in rural areas.

This is the part where I tease Hubby by pointing out that CFC orphanages have baby girls that need homes. The boys and I have often discussed the possibility of a baby sister, and we all love to travel. This could be an educational field trip!

Or….maybe we should try a puppy first. 🙂

Anywho. CFC is a nonprofit that warrants further interest. I’d love to see them registered with Charity Navigator because I usually go there to check out financial details. In the meantime I wish them the best and hope they win the contest.

**UPDATED** If you read Luke’s comment below you’ll discover that I’m easily confused, lol. I originally linked to a different group with a very similar name. Caring For China Center is Luke’s group, and if you look at their about page you’ll learn what I did. They have the following goals:

  • The Caring for China Center advocates a balanced, rational, and compassionate relationship with China in conversations with the United States and other western governments, and in conversations with members of online and traditional media.
  • The Caring for China Center is building a framework for a new form of government in China including a draft constitution, as well as recommendations for cultural changes necessary to support self-rule.
  • The Caring for China Center maintains a list of advocates of change who are in prison or in other types of danger. We work with the US and other governments, as well as other organizations to request and obtain the release of many on this list.
  • The Caring for China Center is careful to only work with exiles who are faithful to the cause of free speech, democracy, rule of law, and other basic human freedoms. When then help them find a place to live and work, start businesses, continue writing about change in China, or helping in any other way we can.

Sorry, Luke, for the confusion! Best of luck with the project.

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7 Responses to “Caring For China – UPDATED”

  1. yes caring for babies is always good and I love the chinese babies as they are sooo cute.

  2. Luke Gedeon says:


    Thanks for helping out with the group writing project.

    I should mention to be fair, that we are not the same Caring for China as the one that you found. The Caring for China Center where I am ED has only been around for six years, and I have only been there for a year. Before this year, everything was done in Chinese, so there is very little about us online in English, yet.

    The organization itself is secular in the sense that it does not have a Statement of Faith, although myself and several other members are Christians, and my primary interest in working with C4C is to spread the gospel in China.

    We do have some things in common with the organization you found. We have also helped with building orphanages and funding cleft palette surgery (a common hindrance to adoption), and we are researching the possibility of sending teachers and other bi-vocationals into China.

    We homeschool, too. I have to agree with your about page that homeschooling is not easy, but the most important things in life seldom are. You can meet our five at my wife’s blog if you are interested.

    I will also look at Charity Navigator, but we are nowhere near the top 5,400 charities, so we will see. Also, I am spread very thin on many projects at this point (insert plea for volunteers here). Thanks for the link. It is good for me to be aware of Charity Navigator, even if it is only something to aspire to at this point. 🙂

    Again, thanks for helping out.

    Luke Gedeon’s last blog post..Why I Joined Caring for China

  3. Amy says:


    I’m SO sorry about the mixup! I updated the post and links as soon as I read your comment. I’ll be checking out your wife’s blog shortly.

    Thanks for letting me know that I needed to fix the post!!

  4. Luke Gedeon says:


    No harm done. I was a bit disappointed back when I first discovered that another organization had the same name as we did, but I have gotten over that.

    My first instinct was to get everybody together and pick a new name, but honestly I doubt we could find a name that made sense and is not already taken.

    Luke Gedeon’s last blog post..Guest post at the Middle Zone

  5. Wow, that’s really a great cause, Hopefully there will be other organizations that will help not only China but also other countries with the same problems. Good luck to Luke! 🙂

    And yeah, you should get a puppy!

  6. Amy says:

    KY’s Commonwealth Eye Surgery, they are adorable! Adopting is something Hubby and I have talked about off and on for years, but until God makes it clear that we’re supposed to go in that direction we’re just hanging out to see what happens.

    Luke, having done the paperwork to change an organization’s name mid-stream (and that was only at the state level, not federal) I can tell you that staying where you are is a MUCH better choice. What a lot of work! Besides, it’s a good challenge to you to build your group’s reputation. 🙂

    Postcard Mailing, I hope so too! And shhhhhh – there may be puppy news later this summer…but you didn’t hear that from me. 😉

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