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I was driving the boys home from camp last week when a very tired Manager fell asleep in the car. Usually this results in him slumping over against the seatbelt but for some reason on this trip he stayed upright. His head kept nodding forward, then he’d rouse slightly and yank his head up again. I felt sorry for the little guy, but smiled a bit at him nodding up and down as we drove along.

Apparently this was the first time Captain Earthquake had ever seen this phenomenon. He found the whole thing terribly fascinating; I could see him staring at his twin when I looked in the rear-view mirror. His staring became even more intent. With round eyes and a slightly open mouth he watched his brother sleep. At one point, his face was about 6 inches from the Manager’s. The better to get a closer look, you know.

It was difficult not to laugh, and I was afraid he’d catch me smiling in the mirror so I only stole quick glances and had to cover my mouth with my hand to stop smiling in too obvious a fashion. This went on for several minutes.

I guess it was the combination of being tired himself, the sound of the van, and the hypnotic rhythm of The Manager’s nodding, but somehow the Captain got sucked in. I peeked in the mirror and caught his eyes rolling back as he started to nod off himself. That was when I lost it and laughed out loud.

Okay…maybe that wasn’t completely funny in print. Guess you had to be there. Oh well. At least the memory is recorded and I can embarrass the Captain by acting out the whole thing when he starts dating.

Have a great day, friends!

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