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Today was the last day of our county fair, an event that the boys look forward to with great anticipation each year. We try to get there for two days of riding the rides and seeing the animals. This year was more fun because the boys had friends showing goats, chickens, and cows. We even got to cheer them on Monday morning.

It’s always interesting to see which rides attract my boys. We’ve been going to the fair every summer since the older guys were 3 years old; there has always been a good variety of kiddie rides to enjoy. Now that they’re 11, this year’s rides included things like the Freak Out, the Fire Ball, and Pharoah’s Fury. (The fact that all of those words start with the f sound was also interesting…yes, I am far too easily amused.)

We usually start riding after lunch, head home for dinner, and then return for a couple of more hours at the fair. Tonight after dinner the Captain was interested in a few rides, but not willing to go on anything really fast or exciting. He even avoided ones he’d ridden on earlier in the week.

The older boys tried to talk him into going along for some excitement, but he held firm and stuck to the kiddie rides or just stood and watched. The Mercenary teased him a bit about being scared, but I told him to stop.

This may be the last year that anyone truly enjoys the kiddie rides, and I want to appreciate the moments as much as possible. With all the pressure and rush to adulthood, why not spend a day at the fair on the kiddie rides? Why not be little kids while they can? I’m glad he wants to take it slow.

Please remind me of this moment the next time the boys drive me crazy and I ask how much longer it’s going to take for them to grow. up.

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