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I went to bed at 11:30 the last two nights in a row. (Waits while people who know my usual habits pick themselves up off the floor.) It’s true: I am a creature of the night. Going to bed that early is not something I’m used to. Although I have in the past maintained a regular habit. That went out the window 11 years ago when the boys came along. Most of the problem is my fault, not theirs. But they’ve been a convenient reason.

When the school year ended last May I felt like I was drowning, and that if we could just finish lessons I’d have time to get some things done. Well, that didn’t really pan out well. The summer’s over and my todo list is still huge and looming overhead. A big part of the problem is that by the time I’m done with everyday tasks I’m too tired to look at my todos.

I’ve been saying for over a year now that I need to change my schedule and get to sleep earlier. Yesterday I was up at about 7 (the puppy helps both with bedtime and early rising) and got a lot done before the boys were up. Paradise.

Today, I was also up earlier but didn’t manage to get my writing done as I wished. Some of that is due to a critically fragmented computer. Poor baby needs a lot of defragging runs. But we’re out of Critical and into the Warning zone in the reports now.

Annnnnnyhow. I’m determined to keep this schedule, especially since I was able to actually fall asleep both nights and see how things go. Perhaps if I have more self-discipline it’ll trickle down to the boys more. What do you think?

Oh yes, the 1 More Thing. You may recall I entered a blog design contest last month. Voting is open now (has been for 2 weeks…I’m just now getting around to mentioning it. Did I mention that self-discipline is something I’m working on these days??) and if you would pretty please vote for me that would be so NEAT! I’d love to win and it’s totally possible. All you do is click the big “Vote for Me” button to the right in the sidebar. Then, scroll down to find a picture of my site and click to choose me, then click once more to vote. I’m worth 3 little clicks, aren’t I? If you’re reading this in RSS or via the e-mail subscription, you can click on this contest link to get to the voting page. Thank you!!!!!

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