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Growing up, my mom always had adorable decorations around the house for every season. She even had ceramic figurines that she’d painted herself, and there were adornments for every room.

I have routinely failed to even approach her holiday spirit, mainly because I’m a workaholic and keep finding other things to do so I never have time to drag out the decorations (which are, ironically, neatly stored by category because the organizing part? I like that part). The other reason is I’m cheap and tend not to buy decorations very often. If they’re 70% off the day after the holiday, then I like them. But usually the pickin’s are slim by then. Oh well.

What that translates to is I only have decorations for fall/Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. The boys love holidays, especially all the decorations and celebration stuff that I am, ummmm, less sentimental about.

For the last few years I’ve managed to get the Christmas stuff up and around, but not the other seasons. I knew there would come a time when they called me on that, and that time has arrived.

I’ve been trying to figure out a time to drag the box out and then look critically at each decoration and find its perfect (and hopefully safe from 4 boys and a puppy) location around the home. This takes time that I do not want to spend.

This morning, genius struck! I told the boys, “For every assignment you finish, you may take out a decoration and put it around the house.” Voila!!! Everyone’s happy, and I figure there’s a 20% chance they’ll put things out of harm’s way. At least all I have to do is patrol rather than figure out for myself.

Now, all I have to do is figure a way to get them to pick up all the decorations next month. I’ll be plotting……

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