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I’m thrilled to announce that Captain Earthquake and The Manager finished their entire phonics book last week. We were using The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading, which is wonderful and well-done. But it has 231 lessons.


We worked on that book for a year and a half. By the time we finished up the rest of school last June, the lessons were intense enough that we just did a few here and there over the summer and had about 30 to go when school started this fall.

And last week, we read the last lesson together. They had to sound out the following:


Oy. It was a big word. But they read it, and then we closed the book.

I briefly considered burning the book in celebration, but decided against setting that precedent.

They boys are quite proud of their accomplishment. They’ve been reading more and more of the words around them without asking for help every day.

(sighs happily)

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